Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1 – Let’s talk about the food.

Whether through Whole30, The Little Black Dress Project or development of a client’s own personal eating plan, I help you figure out EXACTLY WHAT FOODS SERVE YOU and TEACH YOU HOW TO EAT in order to achieve permanent weight loss.

Using science-backed principals around managing your hormones, and decreasing over-hunger and over-desire I teach you how to eat in a way that allows you to lose weight and eliminate the mental chatter in your brain around food. We develop a food plan you are capable of following for life, and we ditch the diet-mentality forever.

Step 2 – It’s not actually about the food.

The reason all diets fail is because the don’t address the most important component required for lasting success with weight loss; management of your mind. Diets rely on willpower, which is a finite resource.

At Your Highest Self Coaching I teach you how to harness the power of your own thinking to drive the actions and results you want to achieve. You learn how to stop the self-sabotage, manage urges, plan your food in advance, and use the power of thought downloads to shift your emotional relationship with food to a place of peace. The amazing by-product of this systematic process is that you learn how to literally SOLVE ANY PROBLEM in your life that might arise.

Step 3 – Food Freedom Forever

Once you learn how to manage your mind, you are now in a position to start practicing and living in full integrity with yourself. You no longer use food as a tool to numb and soothe. You no longer identify as an emotional eater, nor do you struggle with your weight. You are able to look in the mirror and truly love the woman staring back at you.

In the final step of your journey you learn how to stay in Food Freedom Forever. You understand how to manage the slip-up, you learn how to quit quitting, and you are able to manage your mind when emergencies or difficult situations arise. You are even able to plan for joy eats and exceptions to your eating plan without causing a derailment of your success. You are truly living as “Your Highest Self”.

We Deliver Results!

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Amy's Amazing Transformation

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Joanne Feels Like A Million Bucks

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Janine Breaks Free From Emotional Eating

My Big Bold Promise To You!

At Your Highest Self Coaching I am passionate about helping women just like you change your emotional relationship with food forever. I promise to coach you with integrity, kindness and professionalism sprinkled with some tough love.

I used to be in your shoes. I used to use food to buffer and provide comfort. I sabotaged my weight loss efforts, and I didn’t speak very kindly to myself. I was able to change all of that in my own life, and now I have helped hundreds of other women do the same thing.

I promise to show up for you and offer you an effective system for change. I expect you to enter into a coaching relationship with me ready and willing to do the work. I will never quit on you, and I expect you to do the same for yourself. The reason why diets don’t work is because they set you up to fail. They don’t give you the tools you need to manage your mind, persevere through adversity, and learn how to change your relationship with yourself.

I promise to guide you through to Food Freedom in a different way. You don’t need another diet. You need to know a few basic nutrition tips, and you need a system that will serve you for the rest of your life. You need to learn how to permanently change your relationship with food. I will teach and mentor you through all of these changes. Don’t you deserve to live as “Your Highest Self”?

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